Instructor Information

Have you thought about running a class or workshop in one of our programs? Here’s some information on how to get started!

Please read through it carefully and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

We try to provide a diverse offering for our community at a reasonable cost. We look to provide reasonably priced recreational programs and classes for those who wish to try something new or who have a genuine interest and want to improve on it. For us, it is more important that we provide an opportunity for everyone to participate and socially interact with others.


We currently publish and distribute our brochures three times a year. Below is the due date for program information, when the brochure is distributed and the months that are best to offer programming. The Information Deadline is the date that we need your class information for the brochure. The Session Timeline includes the months that we will be offering classes. We have dedicated the month the brochure comes out to advertising and registering.

Fall information is due August 17th. The brochure will go out in late August or early September and runs September – December

Winter information is due November 30th. The brochure will go out late in January and runs January 21-April 30.

Spring/Summer   is due March 8th. The brochure will go out in April and runs May- August.


Generally, from total fees collected, the instructor receives 60% and Bristol Recreation Dept. retains 40%. These fees help to cover advertising, facility costs, and administrative functions. Instructors may also be paid on a flat fee or a hourly fee depending on what suits the type of offering best. If there is a rent charge for the facility, the instructor will be expected to pay half of the cost.


We try to offer a variety of different programs and camps for the community. We look for areas in health, fitness, fine arts, and general information. We look for 1 day workshops up to 6 six week classes. We also want to offer what is new and interesting. You can choose to offer your class as often as you would like, so long as the facilities are available to us. We have second priority of school facilities and sometimes they are not available to us due to school functions. We have to work the schedule around this and we also try not to schedule too many offerings on the same nights.

New Instructors

I thank you for your interest in working with our department. Our hope is to continue to improve and add to our program offerings. We welcome your input and ideas. If you have any questions please contact myself of Val at 453-5885

Darla Senecal
Bristol Recreation Director